Antique Moulds

Considering that production of these antique molds began in the mid 1800s, not all molds are 'perfect' by today's standards. If flaws occur that would hamper production, they will be noted in the description. Antique molds do not necessarly fit exactly, in that they have been used for many years and the proper halves sometimes have not found each other. Antique molds are sold as 'antiques'. They possibly could be produced in materials that are not considered food safe today; however, our ancestors have used them for many generations. When molds are sufficiently cold and come in contact with hot syrup, the syrup usually sets so quickly that no leakage occurs. A bit of filing in appropriate spots can remedy leakage. Number pieces per pound as stated in T. Mills & Bro catalogue.


Man on Horse - Mould #233

3 pieces per mould

cost: $90

cat mould


Boy Riding Dog– Mould #156

Manufactured by Tho. Mills & Bro.

Three pieces per mould (18 pieces per lb.)

 cost: $95

pug dog mould


Rooster – Mould #22

Manufactured by Tho. Mills & Bro. (also small numbers are on inside of mould)

Three piece per mould (35 pieces per lb.)

cost: $125

pug dog mould


Monkey Dressed in Soldiers Clothes– Mould #142

 Three pieces per mould (25 pieces per lb.)

 cost: $95

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